Top 5 Must-Do Activities on Mexico's Independence Day

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Celebrate Mexico's Independence Day by learning about the history of this day and participating in various activities! Here are the top five things you should do.

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Attend the traditional Grito de Dolores, or The Cry of Dolores.

Attend the traditional Grito de Dolores, also known as The Cry of Dolores (also known as El Grito), a major event that occurs in Mexico on Independence Day. This outdoor ceremony honors Mexico's heroes and signals the beginning of the festivities, with people joining together to sing patriotic hymns, wave Mexican flags, and listen to words from various local leaders. It is named after one of the country’s most important historic events, "El Grito de Independencia" when Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla declared their independence from Spain in 1810.

It all starts at 11 pm in the main plazas of big cities like Mexico City and Guadalajara, where a re-enactment of Hidalgo’s speech is performed. This is usually followed by fireworks, which form the opening showcase of an entire weekend's worth of festivities that carries through the next day. And while there are plenty of other traditional ceremonies to attend on Mexico’s Independence Day, El Grito is undoubtedly the most vibrant and spectacular event!

Visit a museum and learn more about Mexican culture and heritage.

Visiting a museum or historical cultural center is a great way to learn more about Mexican culture and history, especially on Independence Day. The National Museum of Popular Culture in Mexico City is devoted to popular culture and folk art from different regions and cultures of the country. The National Museum of History, also located in Mexico City, includes 28 permanent and 20 temporary exhibition halls dedicated to the country’s history. Both are wonderful places to spend an afternoon learning more about Mexico's independence and cultural heritage.

Visiting a museum or cultural center is especially important for the youth of today. It reminds us of our country’s independence, culture, and heritage, as well as giving us the opportunity to gain knowledge about our history that might be forgotten in times of colonization. What better way to celebrate our independence day than to learn more about the past and how we can move forward with pride and strength?

Create and fly kites with your friends and family.

Flying kites is a traditional activity celebrated on Mexico's Independence Day, which is generally accompanied by music, fireworks and food. Gather friends and family and create your own kites out of paper, string and sticks or buy ones at the local shops. Find an open park or beach to fly your colorful creations while enjoying the festive atmosphere!

Kites have a long history dating back to the Toltecs and ancient Aztecs, who flew kites during their religious festivals. It’s said that they used this activity to thank the gods for blessing them with clear skies and plentiful food. When it comes to Independence Day, flying kites is also symbolic of freedom from oppression. The tradition has continued throughout the centuries, helping create an environment of celebration as families come out in droves to assemble and launch their handmade kites high into the air—a reminder of how far Mexico has come as an independent nation.

Watch movies that feature Mexican freedom fighters, heroes, and icons.

Watching movies is a great way to learn about the history of Mexico and to be inspired by its brave freedom fighters who fought for independence. From biopics telling the stories of the heroes involved in Mexico's quest for freedom from Spanish rule to inspirational stories about Mexican icons, you can find a movie suitable for any type of audience. Set up a mini cinema night with popcorn and other treats and celebrate Mexico's freedom!

For those looking to learn more about the past, watch "The Children of Sanchez," an inspiring biopic about three generations of a Mexican family struggling against stereotypes and poverty. For a lighter movie night, try the comedy-drama "Cantinflas," which follows Mexico's beloved actor and comedian Mario Moreno as he embarks on a pilgrimage to trace his ancestral roots. And for something that will jumpstart conversations among friends and family, take in some thrilling action with “Rudo y Cursi," which takes you into the world of two brother’s intense rivalry while they try to achieve success in Mexico’s professional football league. Watch movies that feature Mexican freedom fighters, heroes, and icons this Independence Day to celebrate Mexico’s proud history!

Honor Mexico's past by baking Mexico’s traditional sweet bread, "pan de dulce".

Pan de dulce is a type of sugary sweet bread, often found in the local Mexican bakeries. It's a traditional food enjoyed not only on special occasions but also as part of daily life. Learn how to make pan de dulce at home with your family and honor its past. Your kitchen will be filled with the sweet aroma of Mexico's favorite confections and it's sure to become a beloved tradition for years to come.

To make pan de dulce, you can use a wide variety of recipes. Traditional Mexican recipes are often enriched with eggs and butter or vegetable shortening. Some recipes call for the addition of raisins, nuts, candied fruits, or citrus peel while more modern recipes might include dry fruits to jazz up the flavor. You can also sprinkle cinnamon sugar on top before baking so that the bread comes out of your oven with a beautiful sugary crust. When you bite into this sweet bread it will be light and airy in texture with an unmistakable sugary sweetness. Enjoying pan de dulce as part of Mexico’s Independence Day celebration is a special way to honor its past and show love for its culture and heritage.

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