How Long Does A Self-tanner Last?

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Self-tanner is the safest and most UV-free way to get the tanned look of someone who hasn't been sitting in a windowless apartment for over a year. Some self-tanners take too long to dry, and others are hard to apply evenly. Identify a self-tanner that will not make you look orange. Most self-tanner users have the question of how long does self-tanner last?

Is A Self-tanner Worth The Money?

In other words, how long does a sunless tanner last? You will experience different results depending on the type and brand of sunless tanner you use, but typically a tan lasts a few days before fading away. Keeping your golden color strong requires regular reapplication of self-tanner. Depending on how people apply their self-tan, they can expect their golden hue to last between 7-10 days. In the same way, if you tan outdoors, you can expect your tan to fade in about the same amount of time at 7-10 days.

How To Apply Self-tanner For The Last Longer

Applying the tan correctly is crucial to achieving a long-lasting tan. Keeping your glow looking great as long as possible is easy if you follow these steps.

Prepare your skin

Your skin must be prepared before applying a self-tanner. Exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells. You should pay special attention to areas with dry skin, such as your ankles, knees, and elbows. You might enjoy a hot bath, but your tan won't! Hot water can slough off your golden tan and cause it to slough away. If you want your skin to look better for longer, don't spend too much time soaking (take a shower, not a bath).

Apply the best self-tanner

Depending on the type of self-tanner you're using, you should follow the directions on the label. However, the majority of sunless tanning products follow this general approach. 

Put a little bit of the product in your hand. You will already find tanning agents in self-tanning lotions. You will need to mix the drops into your lotion or cream if you're using concentrated drops. If you use more drops, your tan will be darker, while it will be lighter if you use fewer drops. It's totally up to you how many drops you use!

Then, evenly apply the self-tanner. Avoid using too much product to your elbows, knees, and ankles since these dry areas can absorb excess product. When you're done, wash your hands!

The use of a moisturizer on a daily basis will help prevent dryness and shedding (which accelerates the fading of your tan).

We suggest using our tan-enhancing body moisturizer before and after tanning! It extends the life of your tan by up to 3 days and evenly fades with silky, smooth skin.

Allow the color to develop

Approximately how long does self-tanner take to dry? When does a fake tan develop? Despite its rapid absorption, you should allow the color to grow in your skin over time. Allow your self-tanner to work for at least 8 hours before you take a shower.

It is recommended not to sweat when tanning. Is it possible to wash off a fake tan too soon? The quickest way to end up with streaks and splotches is to shower or sweat before the 8-hour mark. For a great-looking tan that lasts, give your self-tanner time to work. Your tan will develop darker over the next few hours, depending on how much product you used.

You should repeat the process when necessary

If you're an avoid glow getter, you should apply the self-tanner on a blank canvas before selecting. Start your tanning process from scratch to avoid unwanted tan buildup.

So, how often do you apply self-tanner? This may vary slightly for each person. Typically, self-tanner will begin to fade after a few days. When this happens, feel free to apply more self-tanner to keep that sun-kissed glow! If you're using a self-tanner, we recommend regularly adding a few drops to your moisturizer for a gradual tan or applying to moisturized skin every 4 to 7 days for a dark tan.

Tips On How To Maintain Your Self-tanner 

Each person's skin sheds outer cells differently, but most do so every five to ten days. Because of this, no self-tan will last more than a week.

Your skin sheds more quickly as you sweat more in summer and enter and exit swimming pools. To ensure your tan fades evenly and naturally, you should take care of your skin.

Every few days, exfoliate your skin, paying particular attention to underarms, neck, and knee areas that fade the fastest. You should exfoliate to avoid color buildup and to remove dead skin cells. This step will only shrink your tan slightly, but it is essential. 

Final Words

We hope that now you know the answer: how long does self-tanner last? Maintain your color if you often swim or exercise at a high intensity or use a gradual tanner after each session. Our tips will help your tanner last longer on your body. Before you begin self-tanning, decide what routine works best for you. To maximize the life of your self-tan, make sure you properly prepare your skin, leave it to develop, and then maintain the color. To achieve a long-lasting tan, your application must be flawless. Choose a suitable self-tanner and follow our tips and steps to get the best result.

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