How To Shrink Clothes?

It is common for us to wait until the sale period to purchase desired clothing items. Waiting for the best deal may not result in finding your size. However, if a size is too large, you can shrink your clothes at home to make them fit perfectly.

Not only that, if you lose weight, shrinking clothes are perfect, as you won't have to give up your favorite clothes. You should learn how to shrink clothing correctly if you want to shrink clothes on purpose, as doing it wrong ruins your clothes and wastes your money.

Because of how many different materials there are, there are many different ways to shrink clothes. So how to shrink clothes? Let's explore some of the effective methods.

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If you want to Shrink your Clothes

If you want to shrink your clothes, you can't just put them in warm water or dryers. Make sure you read the labels on your garments to find out what fabrics they are made of before shrinking them. Synthetic fibers shrink more readily than natural fibers like cotton, wool, silk, etc. You need to look at the way the cloth was made and the material. Additionally, pre-shrunk fabrics return to their original shape after your regular washing cycle. The process of shrinking clothes can be tedious. It is better to find the right size clothes for your needs. 

Effective Ways to Shrink Cotton Cloth 

It's easy to shrink 100% cotton garments because some cotton clothing will shrink up to 20%. However, not all cotton garments shrink that much. It is common for some cotton garments that have limited shrinkage. 

  • If your cotton clothing needs to shrink, first wash the garment in a hot water setting in your washing machine.
  • You should put the garment in a dryer after washing and dry it on high heat. Ensure that the garment does not over shrink by checking it periodically. 

Best to Shrink Polyester Cloth 

Polyester is a man-made synthetic fabric. As a result of the way it is made and the chemicals it uses in its manufacture, it is less likely to shrink. Polyester garments are designed to hold their shape and do not shrink. 

Although it is possible to shrink polyester clothing length after machine washing and dry on high heat, you should use cold water to shrink polyester clothes. Polyester clothing does not relax and shrink as cotton clothing would. Significant shrinking of polyester garments is not possible. 

Denim or Jeans Shrinking Tips 

You should first check the label on your favorite pair of jeans for washing instructions. It is never a good idea to shrink denim dry clean only. 

Wash denim first before shrinking it further since denim shrinks after the first wash cycle. If you're washing jeans and denim, use cold water and let them air dry. If you have trouble getting the perfect fit, you may need to shrink them. You can shrink them by washing them in hot water and then drying them in a hot dryer. 

Note: Don't shrink dark clothing like jeans unless you're sure it won't fade. In addition to shrinking clothing, hot water can also fade fabric or cause it to bleed onto other garments. 

How to Shrink Clothes Using Steam Iron? 

You can shrink cotton and other fabrics by steaming them with your iron. You'll need an iron with a good supply tank and one that delivers a steady flow of pressurized steam to shrink a hoodie with the best results. The best fibers for steaming are wool and silk and cashmere, boucle, tweed, camel, loosely woven fabrics, mohair, and organza. Steam also shrinks velveteen and velvet items when turned the wrong way up. 

Step 1: Turn the iron to its hottest setting and fill it with water to use steam for shrinking. Never use the iron setting. It may ruin and distort the fabric. 

Step 2: Slowly move the iron above the material with the iron half an inch above, making sure to cover every inch. If you wish to dry the fabric on a hanger, don't do so as it will distort the fabric. When shrinking rayon or delicate silks, do not use this technique to prevent water spots from forming. 

The tailor steam press is a variation of the steam iron. There are vacuum and steam tables set up with dry irons for shrinking clothes in tailoring shops.

Rather than using an ordinary home iron, you should buy a professional iron to do this at home. It reaches much higher temperatures. 

What Is The Ideal Temperature of The Water For Shrinking Clothes? 

You can choose between three different water temperatures, depending on the degree of shrinkage you require: 

  • To achieve a high degree of shrinkage, set the temperature to 130°F or 54.4°C
  • The temperature can be set between 90°F and 110°F, or 32.2°C and 43.3°C, for a more moderate amount of shrinkage
  • Set the water to about 30°C or 60°F for a small degree of shrinkage 

Note: If you are eager to shrink your clothing, keep in mind that shrinking is rarely an instantaneous operation, and you might not want it to be that way! Clothing and fabrics can shrink too fast if you're not careful, so watch to ensure that your piece shrinks evenly and slowly. To ensure that everything is in order, you can remove your garments every five minutes or so. You should always check your clothes every five minutes, especially when using a high heat dryer. 

Final Thoughts

You will fit your clothes more comfortably if you know how to shrink clothes. Whatever type of cloth you want to shrink, you can do it following our steps. 

The shrinkage process differs for different materials. When it comes to shrinking clothes correctly, you need to know what material you're working with and what causes it to shrink.

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