Earn money by promoting my shop

Can you make money with my online store?

Yes, you can earn money by advertising my shop.

How can you do that?

You can do this by placing an affiliate link on your website or social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, ...). Or send an email with an affiliate link to friends. 
If someone clicks on the affiliate link (which leads to my website) and makes a purchase, you will earn a commission.

Where can you register?

You can register for my affiliate program via this link. Fill in the form. Promote my shop. And make money.

Join our affiliate program and register here

When do I pay you?

When your affiliate link has led to sales and you have earned $50, I'll pay you. I pay you every month.

How can you see what you've earned?

You get access to a live affiliate dashboard where you can see exactly how many clicks and sales you have achieved.

Ready in 60 seconds

Signing up for the affiliate program is a snap. After a quick approval you can directly promote with your personal affiliate link!

How do I know that you have made a sale?

You will receive a personal affiliate link with which you can promote my products. When someone clicks on your affiliate link, a cookie is placed on his/her device so that the payment system knows that this sale was made through you. This sale is then automatically linked to your account.

How much can you earn as an affiliate?

There is no cap on the income you can generate. The more people you refer, the faster your revenue will grow. You can earn from $50 to a lot more dollars every month if you do great promotion for my shop.

What is the cookie duration?

We use a cookie duration of 60 days. If someone decides to use our software in 60 days after clicking on your link, the commission will be credited to your account.

Can you earn money while sleeping?

Of course! The system works 24 hours a day. 7 days per week. You don't have to sit at your computer.

Is this easy to make money?

If you don't promote much, you don't make much. You have to work for it. The more you work, the more you earn.