I Have Saggy Breasts After Losing Weight

I Have Saggy Breasts After Losing Weight

When you lose weight, you may suffer from breast ptosis (also known as sagging or saggy breasts). This is when your breasts become flabby and lose their normal position and tightness after weight loss or aging, for example. If you have saggy breasts, your nipple may also start pointing downward. For many women, saggy breasts look deflated, making them feel unattractive and simply not conforming to their perceived body image.

However, there are several options to consider. Flabby breasts can be treated with a breast lift (mastopexy), breast augmentation (implant), or a combination of the two. But you can also reduce it naturally, which may not give the same result but costs less money.

Keep reading to learn more about sagging breasts after weight loss and how to fix it.

What are saggy breasts?

Breast ptosis is the medical term used by plastic surgeons to describe saggy or sagging breasts. This is when your breasts hang down from their normal position. It is most commonly associated with sagging skin, loss of breast volume, and downward-facing nipples. The breasts are composed of fat, breast tissue, and an intricate network of connective tissue that holds everything together called the cooper ligaments. You can think of these ligaments as a web of fine but tight cords that run through your entire chest to give it its solid shape. Due to weight change, they can stretch and become weak, so your breasts begin to sag and lose firmness. This, combined with loss of skin elasticity, leads to ptosis of the breast.

Natural remedies for saggy beasts

If you've lost a lot of weight, it's difficult to get your breasts back to their original shape and size, but you can lift and firm your breasts with the following:
  • use herbal pills / cream
  • excercise
  • a good diet
  • upright posture
  • the right support

Use herbal pills / cream

I Have Saggy Breasts After Losing Weight

Pills to enlarge your breasts usually offer a combination of several herbal ingredients. The herbal components trigger a reaction similar to that seen during puberty, when young girls' breast tissue begins to grow.

The herbs mentioned above provide plant estrogen, which stimulates the growth of the delicate breast tissue by causing hormonal changes. Plant estrogen is a natural product derived from plants and is quite mild. Many women with a small to medium cup size claim to have achieved optimal results within two months on average.

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You can't make your breasts firmer with exercise because they don't involve muscles. However, under the breasts are muscles and a fibrous connective tissue. Both can improve the overall appearance of your breasts through exercise.

You can do a lot of chest exercises to improve not only muscle strength, but also your posture. Some common exercises to try include push-ups, swimming, and bench presses.

Diet and nutrition

Nourish your skin with a balanced and healthy diet so that it remains elastic and healthy for a long time to come.

In addition, an optimal weight is also important. Being overweight puts pressure on your skin tissue. In addition, your breasts are also stressed by the extra weight, causing them to sag. If you want to lose weight, do it step by step with exercises for your breasts to maintain their firmness.

In addition to a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle is necessary. Smoking is harmful to your skin and your health. A poor lifestyle can contribute to having saggy breasts.

It is important that you drink enough water throughout the day and stay hydrated. Drinking enough will keep your skin strong and improve the overall firmness and strength of the breast tissue.


Your breasts can sag due to poor posture, such as a hunched back. Bad posture puts more pressure and tension on your breasts, causing your breasts to sag.

With good posture you learn to take positions of your body that put the least possible strain on the supporting ligaments and muscles.

By keeping your back straight and your shoulders back, you will achieve good posture that distributes the weight of your breasts evenly over your body. This protects your breasts from sagging.


A well-fitting bra of good quality gives extra support to your breasts. This reduces the load on your breasts. If you have lost weight, buy a suitable bra again.
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